Yuan Qigong –  a weekly class at Horizon Centre for people affected by cancer (Royal Sussex Hospital, Brighton)

“I would just like to thank you for the Yuan Qigong – I LOVE it! It is the first thing I have done in ages which comes to me as second nature and makes me feel good.  I go back to feeling how I did in my twenties!! It is so effortless and I love the tips you give us at the end to help our lives – and you do it voluntarily – very generous of you and I really appreciate it.  I can really feel the healing especially psychological (I have had some mental health problems in the past – being in the wrong place at the wrong time – now I am back in sussex where I belong I want to connect with my home environment again) and it feels so real – not quirky at all.  So a big thank you.  I like the idea that we don’t become dependent on you which is good for my self reliance.  The ripple effect of my increasing ease will benefit my family and friends. I hope to develop my happiness and come out of my English reserve!! We used to have a flat in Catalonia by the sea in Pals so all my family love Spain and we LOVE the Spanish people. When we were there they were all so friendly and warm.  It is something for us to work towards being like! You must feel your work is very rewarding as you can see the results in everyones faces.” (S.C.)

“Qigong has helped me begin to understand the power and healing forces that are within my own body.” (J.W.)

“Excellent both teacher and class. Can’t recommend it enough.” (R.G.)

“Lovely feeling, fantastic feel of togetherness from the first session -a room of total strangers- the mark of a really great teacher.” (D.B.) 

About Jin Shin Jyutsu (workshops and treatments):

“Just to say a big thank you, again. It was such a refreshing and nourishing day yesterday; very special. I practiced JSJ all the way on the train home, and I woke up very easily this morning which felt great!” (J.S.)

“I’d like to give my thanks, belatedly. It was such a warm, generous, honest space you held us in Carmen. I felt great that day and the effect has lasted all week – and I am keeping up the practice when I remember too. I’m so glad we found each other and look forward to meeting you again.” (S.S.)

“Thanks for such a beautiful and connective day – I feel so alive! And to share that experience with you, Lula and my family was wonderful….” (T.S.)

“As a body worker and also a person who works with children, I have learned many techniques on how to give nurturing healing massage and received much guidance on making sure the children are safe. However, I was lacking in my life tools that could nurture my being and support me, both mentally and physically. Then the synchronicity of life brought me to Carmen. She has been incredible inspiration and she introduced me to self-care JSJ. The simplicity and effectiveness, and most importantly, the fact that it is always available to me (it’s just my hands!) is incredibly empowering and has helped me to relax and learn about myself.  JSJ has become part of my nurturing self-care practice and I am eternally grateful to Carmen for being the kind and compassionate teacher who shared the art of healing with me.” (Lucie Polakova, Thai massage practitioner & kids outdoor activity assistant)

“I believe that you may have saved my life or, at the very least, my quality of life and I will never be able to thank you enough for your love, honesty and compassionate wisdom.” (S.L)

“What a gem you are my dear Carmen. What a lucky day it was when I met you.” (P.W)

“Carmen has such a kind, gentle and nurturing presence. I found the one-to-one sessions super relaxing and restorative, and I got loads out of the self help course. Since my first session with Carmen I’ve used JSJ every day, and I find it such a good tool to bring me back into my body and move away from my over analysing mind! I would happily recommend Carmen to anyone (and often do).” (J.D)

 “I found Carmen while I was undergoing chemotherapy and she was a real godsend. Her warmth and humour combined with the real healing power of JSJ helped me weather the chemo and feel not only more relaxed but a lot better. Carmen is also wonderful at teaching JSJ, so I was able to continue using it at home which gave me a continuity of practice that really helped” (N.O)
“The sensation of palpable bliss” is the closest way I can describe how it feels when you do JSJ, that is placing your hands in different places, You can feel that energy ‘wooosh!’ and you know you are plugged in to something incredibly powerful. And your own body takes over to gently but forcefully tell you to “stay right there”. (L.N)

“I had three Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions with Carmen while undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer.  Thanks to Carmen’s treatments the common side-effects associated with chemo, such as fatigue, depression, etc… were kept at bay and I remained full of energy.” (J.LQ)

Yuan Qigong (retreats, workshops and weekly classes):

“Thanks once again for such a beautiful workshop – I feel that it really gave me the most unique insight into working with energy, and I can feel that it has already heavily influenced my other practices. Particularly this idea of Qi exhaustion and that we spend so much time expending energy and so little time creating it. That goes for dynamic yoga asana practices as much as for our day to day life activities. I feel that my own Qi exhaustion leads me to states of anger, anxiety and depression and I am ever more conscious of the need to balance this in my own life. I was also very much struck by the ideas of the kinds of energy that one puts out into the world and how that can influence everything – from the tone of a room or space, to the dynamics of whole relationships and communities.” (A.S.)

“Firstly I can’t thank you enough for giving me these classes, they have been amazing in every way. Carmen is an excellent teacher and pitched the classes at a slow level which was just what we needed, as sometimes going to a class can be daunting. She was an inspiring teacher and I feel I can start doing some of the exercises on my own now.” (C.A)

“I found huge benefit on every level.. physical, emotional, spiritual and social. I found after having treatment I had lost a lot of confidence and found it difficult to join in much and do things, but the classes really helped and I feel I am growing as a person, which is fabulous after quite a long time of opting out.” (C.A)

“As a total newcomer, I couldn’t have wished for a better introduction to Yuan Gong than I had last weekend on your course Carmen. It was an inspirational and transforming event for me and I shall be taking up regular practice once I get back to Brighton. The good food, beautiful space and meeting the group completed two great days. Many thanks” (M.K.)

“As a newcomer it was a great introduction and this week i have definitely felt better, with less hot flushes and of less severity, so its already working! I am hoping to plan it into my daily life thats for sure.” (R.

As for the food, I would say it was more than excellent, it was the best veggie I have ever had. I hope the new veggie restaurant opening in Javea is half as good. (H.E.)

“I have really enjoyed my second stay in Denia, meeting and practising with you all was a real pleasure!” (D.G)

“Thank you Carmen and Raphael for taking the time to organise and deliver another fantastic stay, top!” (S.B.)
“Thank you very much Carmen for all the effort and the affection. It was great to spend the weekend with all of you. I wish you a great year and full of Yuan Gong” (C.G.)
“Thanks to you, Carmen, because as your training increases, our chances of learning and enjoying the beautiful experience increases.
I think it is a very good idea to be able to use the new technologies to obtain their own profit, so thank you for putting so many possibilities at our fingertips.” (A.H.)

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