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Qigong (pron. chee-gong) is an ancient practice for health and wellbeing. Qigong means ‘cultivation of Qi’ (life force). 

The Qigong system I practise is called Yuan Qigong and was designed for the modern era by Yuan Tze, a renowned Chinese philosopher, healer and Qigong teacher based in New Zealand. He’s the founder of Ren Xue, a holistic system used by the community of Yuan Qigong teachers and participants.

Here is the trailer of the documentary that was made in 2019 about two of our Qigong teachers, members of the Ren Xue Community. Their lives has changed in the most beautiful way by following the life cultivation system called Ren Xue. 


The main purpose of Ren Xue -the life cultivation system- is to help people uplift their lives, that is, achieve wellbeing and growth.

What is Yuan Qigong?

Yuan Qigong is a Qigong system designed for us today. Like a gentle meditation, Yuan Qigong allows us to recharge and replenish so we feel more supple, flexible and relaxed. We learn to stay relaxed, natural and joyful in spite of what is going on in our lives and the world around us. As our vitality and clarity of mind increase, so does our ability to balance our physical and mental/emotional state. Yuan Qigong helps us understand our hearts and minds and how they can affect our way of feeling, thinking and living. The continual practise of Yuan Qigong can truly change our lives. 

There are nine methods in Yuan Qigong. These are the first four:

1st method: Tian Yuan

The aim of this method is to ‘Gather Qi’ (feel free and joyful… like a bird soaring the sky) 

2nd method: Di Yuan

The aim of this method is to ‘Store Qi’ (feel free and joyful… like a tree standing relaxed and natural)

3rd method: Ren Yuan

Ren Yuan is a dynamic method and its aim is to strengthen all areas of the body including the muscles, tendons, sinews, bones, organs, skin and blood vessels.
The movements facilitate the opening of the Qi channels in the body and promote the flow of Qi.

4th method: Xia Yuan

Xia Yuan serves to improve the health of the organs. Sustained practice of this method can benefit health and lift it to a higher than average level. After all, the organs play a vital role in our health.

These four methods create profound changes of Qi and are very beneficial for the prevention of illnesses and improvement of overall health.

Here’s a taster of the first four methods:

How to learn Yuan Qigong

You can come to one of the classes I teach in Brighton and Hove (see events page for details).  If you don’t live in the area, you can book online classes via Skype / Zoom. 

Yuan Qigong is designed to empower and encourage independent practise. There are recordings/Mp3s/CDs/DVDs that can be purchased so we can follow the instructions and practise daily. You can visit http://www.renxueinternational.org/ and https://renxueamericas.org/ where you will find more information and lots of material available for you to download.

I offer Yuan Qigong classes and introductions to Ren Xue (Science of Human Life) in Brighton (UK) where I live. I visit Spain regularly and love to organise workshops and retreats to introduce people to this beautiful practise. I also visit Latin America annually because I love sharing Ren Xue and Yuan Qigong teachings with Spanish-speaking people too. If you’d like me to come along and teach you and your friends, get in touch. I’ll be happy to meet you and share this amazing practise. 

Next stop, our summer retreats in Europe! 


If you’d like information about local classes and workshops you can check out the “upcoming events page”, or contact me directly on rxengland@gmail.com / 07813026383 

“Full Moon Sessions” at Yuan Qigong at St Ann’s Gardens in Brighton

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