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 Would you like to feel healthier? Happier? More balanced?
You’ve come to the right place.

You may start your journey to wellness and harmony by reading this. If it resonates with you, please get in touch with me. I will be delighted to work with you. 


I believe we are here to learn, grow and share. We all have a mission and I don’t mean a heroic one. It can be very humble and simple. Some people find a mission naturally very soon in life but others don’t. To go deep into yourself and your life so you can find your true self (and your mission) our teacher Yuan Tze has given us the tools to go through a profound process of self-awareness. It’s called Ren Xue, a life cultivation system which can have profound effects in your life.

Being in harmony with yourself can give you enough clarity to help you shape your life and find what you truly want in life so you can move forward with vitality, love and compassion.

More than ever, the world needs human beings who are awake: people ready to learn, grow together and share life so we can reach self-realization and wisdom.

If you’d like to help yourself feel happier and healthier, by all means, come and see me. I’ve got a lot to teach while I keep learning and sharing. We all learn and grow together. That’s how life works in a harmonious way. I love life: human beings, nature and the universe at large.

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I always had an intuition about our inner power to deal with life in a harmonious way. This gut-feeling lead me to start my journey through natural health and healing modalities nearly three decades ago. Since then I’ve lived by truly appreciating a well-balanced life, personally and socially. My search for tools came in close proximity. As the proverb says: ‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears’.

My values are closely connected with my encounters with Jin Shin Jyutsu in 2009 and Yuan Tze’s Ren Xue (Yuan Qigong) in 2013. They were not random. I was ready to fully embrace the most powerful life guides I’d come across. After extensive training, I became a practitioner and a teacher for both modalities. I could not waste time as I was determined to help people find what I have found: a simple and effective therapy (Jin Shin Jyutsu) and a life changing system (Ren Xue) of which Yuan Qigong is a fundamental part.

I was so lucky I found the two. One is through touch and helps people to let go of scepticism and embrace self-care. The other one, Ren Xue and Yuan Gong, is rooted in a tradition of moving and still meditations which are very powerful and can truly help you at all levels of life from the physical to the mental and emotional as well as the social. A wonderfully inspiring path for personal development.

Some words from my teachers to exemplify my mission and their wisdom:

I value health and wellbeing, a meaningful life in harmony with others and nature, sharing the true gift of life that is love.

I’m on a path to find balance in everything I do. I’ve learnt to love my daily practise so I feel happier and more energised; my mind is clearer, I’m calm and more content.

These practises have allowed me to learn about  myself physically, emotionally and help me to recognise those old patterns that were (and some still are) preventing me from finding wellbeing, happiness, fulfilment, self-realization and wisdom. 

Life is a beautiful journey and there is a way to enjoy it to the full. 



Fascinated by the world of natural therapies I felt compelled to immerse myself in them when I became a mother. My oldest child was very ill and it was only the natural approach to health that helped her become healthy again.

Drawing on an extensive and varied professional life as a language teacher and translator, I studied energy work as I accompanied my daughter on her journey to health. This passion continued as I realized I could better my own life and those of others. I started practicing Qigong in 2003 and then trained as a holistic therapist in 2009, when I came across Jin Shin Jyutsu. My on-going studies in these and other complementary therapies like natural nutrition and reflexology have helped me enrich my private and professional life enormously.

To learn about life force (Qi) and consciousness, I study and teach Yuan Gong (Qigong: cultivation of Qi) and Jin Shin Jyutsu (The art of the creator in compassionate hands). Both these Daoist practices were designed to help people help themselves. It’s only by going back to the source that ultimately we can learn and grow.

I love helping people by sharing what I’ve learnt: we can get into the right state of being and enjoy health, happiness and growth by learning about ourselves and incorporating some simple techniques into our everyday lives. Only thus we will be able to achieve realization and wisdom. 

Here’s a video I made for Pecha Kucha talking about the beginning of my journey as a therapist:


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